Home for the Soul

Home for the Soul

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Sustainable and thoughtful decorating and design

Home for the Soul is about creating a considerate and sustainable home that also sparks happiness and reflects the spirits, passions and tastes of its inhabitants. 

A shift in awareness means that we are increasingly thoughtful about the materials we use, the scarcity of the earth’s resources and how to lighten our footprint on the planet. In Home for the Soul, Sara Bird and Dan Duchars show how to create a beautiful home that suits its inhabitants while causing minimum damage to our increasingly fragile environment including using non toxic, vegan paints and fabrics. The first section shares ideas for the elements of a stylish yet sustainable home, from lighting to linens, while in Part Two, Sara and Dan visit soulful homes and their owners to discover how they have created interiors that are beautiful yet responsible at the same time. Home for the Soul shows how a mindful, ethically sourced and eco-friendly ethos can be at the heart of modern homemaking. It looks at sustainable, renewable and reclaimed materials, using traditional skills and choosing organic and hand-produced homewares. No matter how new or old a building, or what your own particular style is, there are simple ways to add warmth, contentment and soul to our homes.

Hardcover, 176 Seiten
Maße: 26,1/22,3/2,2 cm
Publikation 01.04.2021
EAN: 978-1-78879-241-7

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